The Legend of Asgard Run

19 November 2015 AmusedSloth


340x340 Asgard Watch BjornFor eons Asgard has stood proud at the heart of all things created by the Gods. The Asgard Watch, an eternal fellowship of legendary heroes has been entrusted by the Gods with the protection of the realms. Heroes in their former life,  now Champions in the Great Halls of Valhalla, they are the best Asgard has to offer.

Eight mythical bridges bind the viking realms together including the Ash Bridge. The Watch’s responsibility is to guard the entrance of each of these bridges to Asgard. To protect the balance of existence, many of them have been sealed by mighty gates of stone and fire to keep at bay the monstrosities and creatures threatening Asgard.

cataclysm 2MB

The divine balance is now in peril, for the gates of Helheim have been breached. Hordes of undead and unspeakable horrors are now loose and are bound for Asgard. With screams of death and a shrieking thunder of war, they lay waste on the Ash Bridge as they make their way to besiege the home of the Gods.

The time has come for the Asgard Watch to take up arms and charge forward to meet this terrible foe in battle!

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