Gorescript – First map in Steam Workshop and an Autumn Sale!

23 November 2017 Adrian Rusu

It’s time to see the fruit of our labour directly from Steam Workshop, after 6 episodes of the tutorial.

You might notice some similarities with an ancestor of this game :D. It’s just a small homage to an amazing franchise that inspired Gorescript’s development.

We added some basic elements such as stairs, switches and open spaces to mirror exactly the topics covered within the tutorial. You can finish the level quite quickly but we’ve placed a Hydra behind door number 1 (likely the only door in the level :D) for those who want to test drive some agile strafe moves.

Be careful, the enemies are sensitive so tread lightly as you brave into this level.

Meanwhile make sure you join Steam’s Autumn Sale since you can find Gorescript at 35% off!