Super Pet Hero hits the AppStore!

9 March 2017 Adrian Rusu

Greetings from Amused Sloth, I am super excited to share with you, our latest news!

Super Pet Hero launched today on iOS!

Super Pet Hero was awarded the Best Mobile Game in the Indie Prize competition at Casual Connect in Berlin, 2017.

Best mobile game award for super pet hero

Starting with today you’ll be able to jump in on the action and brave traffic in order to save cute pets.

Super Pet Hero is a throwback to the old arcade games we love. The game tests your reflexes in an endless chase for a high score. We’re still wondering what are those pets doing in the middle of the crossroad but now we have designated heroes to save them!   

Super Pet Hero became the game it is today with the help of our great community of beta-testers and we’d like to thank them for being so helpful! 


  • Save your cute furry and scaly friends from the busy crossroad!
  • Jump, double jump, and dash to safety!
  • Pick up the coins on top of the running cars!
  • Conquer the leaderboards!
  • Unlock 39 amazing characters!
  • Multiple levels and variations!
  • 3 awesome music tracks!
Screenshot_1_2732_2048 Screenshot_2_2732_2048