Super Pet Hero, Best Mobile Game Award @ Casual Connect Berlin 2017

17 February 2017 Nikolaos Chatzigeorgiadis

Best mobile game award for super pet hero

Nikos here from Amused Sloth!

I’ve finally found a bit of time, to write about our experience from last week at Casual Connect Berlin 2017.

What a great event for indie game developers and studios!

We met with so many awesome people, we played so many awesome games, we gathered such great feedback for our game, we gave our feedback for the games we played, we learned so many things we did not know… What else is there to ask from a game conference?

Super Pet Hero, our upcoming game, received the “Best Mobile Game” award from Indie Prize, such an honor. There were so many great games showcased at Casual Connect Berlin 2017, that we did not even dream of bringing back an award with us. A big and honest thank you from me and the whole team to Indie Prize, the judges and all the participating teams.

Would I attend Casual Connect again? Damn yes I would! Anytime! Do I have regrets? Not really. More like “things I could have done better”, like set up a better booth (some teams did an amazing job displaying their games, given the very limited table space at the showcase area), and play more games.

Casual Connect, as the name implies, is an event about connecting with other people. We were lucky enough to be in Berlin, together with some of our friends from the local indie game development scene. We were also fortunate to make a lot of new awesome friends at Casual Connect Berlin 2017.

Rikodu – Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge

Sand Sailor Studio – Black The Fall

Kappsule Studios

Velcro Games – Carrage

titutitech – Oh My Godheads

Jovian Industries – Hearts. Papers. Borders.

Traptics – Moribund

Tag of Joy – Monster Buster

Nikolaos Chatzigeorgiadis - Flaviu Vescan - Super Pet Hero

“When you can’t fit more friends in one picture!”

Before I close this short overview of our experience from the event, I would like to mention our favorite games from Casual Connect Berlin 2017:



Do you like Zelda? You’ll like ARY. Can’t wait to get my hands on this gem!

Imagine Earth

What happens when you combine Offworld Trading Company with Civ and other cool stuff? This game!



Co-Op? Stealth? One is the hacker, the other is the agent? Sold

Tribal & Error

The most unique game I played out there. Hope you guys complete the game! I want it. 

We hope to see you again guys at the next conference!

Super Pet Hero will be launching on iOS soon! Stay tuned

Nikos out~