Stairs, Floors and The Great Outdoors

5 October 2017 Adrian Rusu

In this video we go over a few more advanced topics:

  • Stairs are adjacent sectors with increasing or decreasing floor heights. The floor height difference between stairs should be no more than 4, to allow the player to climb them without needing to use anti-grav boots.
  • Windows are usually sectors with higher floor height and smaller floor-ceiling distance compared to adjacent sectors. The floor height difference between the window and the adjacent sectors is usually 8 or more, to prevent the player from climbing on top of it.
  • Outdoor areas are sectors with the “Ceiling” checkbox unchecked. The floor-ceiling distance should be 64 or more to prevent the player from jumping over the walls and into outer space.

With these elements in place you can even design some platforming craziness within your levels with or without the use of the Anti-gravity boots. You can even try and see how adding a “full outdoor” setting around the platforms will impact the difficulty of the level since jumping into the void will most certainly spell death.

Enjoy this part as well and make sure you join the pixel nightmare right here: