Gorescript – Exploding Barrels

7 June 2017 Adrian Rusu

We have added exploding barrels in Gorescript. They explode, they do damage, they are fun to shoot at. No FPS would be great without them. And they provide new fun ways of approaching the levels and creating ambushes for the voxel swarm that’s headed towards you.

Gorescript Barrel Kills – Indie DB

For a closer look, see how these triangles get obliterated by the exploding barrels.

The word about Gorescript’s launch is getting out. We have been invited to The SML Podcast and it was a great 1 hour spend. Those guys are doing an awesome job. You can find out more about the game, it’s history, some of the fun facts and some impossible to pronounce names :D.

Since we’re close to the launch date we’re ready to share this information with you:

  • The full price of Gorescript is going to be $9.99 (or your country’s equivalent).
  • The game is ready to launch. We are polishing stuff here and there.
  • On launch we are going to have Steam Achievements and Leaderboards.

So be ready for the full experience of Gorescript and follow us on our Steam page!