Gorescript – Blackout Mode

11 April 2017 Adrian Rusu

Sergiu, the developer of Gorescript, takes us on a tour in the first level in complete darkness, demonstrating the Blackout Mode. Use your ammo to light up the room and watch your back.

Though Gorescript is a hardcore game, it comes with features to make it hardcore-er (if that’s a word :D).

The Blackout mode really keeps you on your toes and makes the ammo an even more precious resource.

The projectiles from the enemies also light up the level, however, they are deadly if you don’t move on time. You might get caught in a volley of “Sugar cubes of death” as you open the door at the end of a narrow corridor. You can have fun and use the blast to light up the room. Make sure you inspect all the corners or you’ll be in for a nasty surprise coming from behind.

Make clever use of tactics and when you run out of things to shoot with, raise your shield and let the enemies do the job for you. Here’s a shield reflect kill with just 1 life point left.

The Blackout mode transforms the game into a survival game. We recommend keeping your guard up as you fire into darkness and attract attention on yourself as resources become scarce.

Gorescript brings more hardcore to the table as you can crank up the the difficulty with the Masochist mode and add in some Permadeath to the mix.

The Pre-Alpha Demo to get the thrills of shooting in the dark on all difficulty settings.

Download Gorescript – Pre-Alpha Demo v.2 – Indie DB