New game: Disco Dave preparing to hit the dancefloors

12 April 2016 Nikolaos Chatzigeorgiadis

Today we are very excited to talk to you about our upcoming indie game, Disco Dave!

Get ready to boogie with Disco Dave’s mad disco moves. Follow the spotlight and amaze the audience with your reflexes and dancing prowess.

Disco Dave

The idea came during one brainstorming session the team had a few months ago, and the original concept involved a bouncing ball that changed colors. This created the basic gameplay mechanic for Disco Dave.

After the approval of the rest of the team that could vow for the addictiveness of the game, Disco Dave was picked up by one of our rockstar programmers, Bogdan, and disco-expert-artist Raluca to be further developed.

We managed to grab some screenshots from Raluca to show to you,

Disco! Disco! Ball!

Proper Disco Speaker

Bogdan also recorded a gif full of awful glitches to let us have a first look of the game,

prototype gif from disco dave game

Disco Dave in action!

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screenshots mash up for Disco Dave game

Disco Dave gamedev screenshot