Disco Dave is preparing to hit the dance floor and you can’t touch him (yet)!

6 May 2016 Nikolaos Chatzigeorgiadis

Welcome to this week’s development progress post about our upcoming mobile indie game, Disco Dave!

A post full of visual goodie materials. Without wanting to spoil anymore, enjoy:

Funky Fred shall be thy name!

And here I will pause for a moment and thank all the people that tried to guess what the name was!




I kept the best for last!

I want to present to you how Disco Dave was in the prototyping phase, and how it looks and feels today!

disco dave mobile indie game for android and ios

Disco Dave prototype!

disco dancing mobile game

How Disco Dave looks now!

That is just a glimpse of the things to come. The team’s artists are now focusing on creating characters and polishing the UI. But more on that next week, till then; stay Ace!


Are you as excited as we are?


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Time to go boogie!