New weapon – The Devastator

25 May 2017 Adrian Rusu

Introducing the Devastator, an elite weapon meant to handle the toughest monster crowds. This baby is not to be trifled with.

3 weeks and 1 day left for Gorescript’s launch! The clock is ticking.
We have a new weapon called The Devastator. You can admire its sheer power on the gif above. We also added some interesting (and very well hidden) artifacts -evil laughter- in the game for you guys to explore when the game will be out there!

So far we are receiving pretty great feedback, and we are really grateful for that. Check what Joe and his guys from “The SML Podcast” had to say about Gorescript, and support them cause they are doing a great job!

We’re also sharing some new in-game screenshots with the new levels and we’ve added some bad puns as well in there.

Hydra’s got a gun

gorescript 2017 05 10 10 56 48 4

I feel so HYDRAted

gorescript 2017 05 10 10 31 21 3

Right tool for the right job

gorescript 2017 05 10 10 40 35 8


gorescript 2017 05 10 10 30 12 6

It’s oh, so quiet

gorescript 2017 05 10 10 26 25 2

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