Chickens Can’t Fly is a Must Have Game!

10 January 2012 AmusedSloth

At CES 2012 today, Microsoft just announced their new promotion for Windows Phone games called Must Have Games, and we’re extremely glad to announce that Chickens Can’t Fly is part of it, right up there with other big-time developers.

It’s been almost 19 months since we began working on this project, and it’s evolved quite a lot from the first design. All the improvements were done to ensure the best possible experience for the players, and we got a lot of helpful feedback from people playing Chickens can Dream, which we released in February last year on the marketplace.

Chickens Can’t Fly is set to launch¬†in early¬†February, and we’re really excited to show you how much it evolved from Chickens Can Dream. Here are some of the things you’ll get in the game:

  • Play across 5 laboratories: Hatchery, Butchery, Cemetery, Military and Physics
  • Each laboratory has its own set of obstacles, power-ups and power-downs
  • Over 50 Experiments with varied objectives and play-styles
  • Survival Mode – the classic CCD experience streamlined, expanded and improved, available for each Laboratory
  • Xbox LIVE Achievements and Leaderboards
  • Global Weekly Challenge: play the same level as everyone in the world and see how you rank up in the Leaderboards
  • Other features: Ringtones, Live Tiles, Fast App Switching

See the latest trailer below!