Chickens Can't Fly

Chickens Can’t Fly 1.1 Issues

26 June 2012 AmusedSloth

Chicken is sad to announce that there seem to be some issue with the newly released Update to Chickens Can’t Fly.

Avatar Awards sometimes unlock without notification

This relates to the Chicken Helmet, which you can unlock by getting Gold medal in 15 experiments.

However, if you managed to get these Gold medal while playing Chickens Can’t Fly 1.0 (before the update), sometimes the Avatar Award notification will not pop up.

After starting the 1.1 game, if you know you have more than 15 Gold medals, just go and try to customize your Avatar on Xbox LIVE, and the Helmet should already be there, even if you didn’t get a notification.

Aquarium Laboratory remains locked for people that already finished CCF completely

If you managed to finish all experiments before the update (congrats, by the way), the Aquarium Laboratory will remain locked.

This is a bug, we’re sorry about it, and we’re working with Microsoft to release a patch as soon as possible (hopefully 1-2 weeks to get through cert), and allow all of you to play this.

Duplicate Chickens Can’t Fly in your Games Hub

Some people managed to download Chickens Can’t Fly even before it was released on February 15th, through a private link. If you have that version of the game and you download the update, it will install as a separate instance of the game, and you’ll have two Chickens Can’t Fly games in your Games hub. While 2 in 1 would usually be considered a nice treat, in this case, the game progress is lost in the 1.1 version.

We are very sad about this, but it seems there’s no way we can fix this.

‘Hungry, hungry Chicken’ still playing hard-to-get

We made some modification to make this achievement easier, but it seems it has some issues on some phones. We’re working on an update to fix this. Meanwhile, check below for an opportunity at getting this achievement easier, available this week.

Issues connecting to Xbox LIVE for Achievements, PDLC, Multiplayer

Some of you get error messages that tell you that the game can’t connect to Xbox LIVE. Because of the huge additions to the game (Multiplayer and PDLC), some back-end updated on the Xbox LIVE infrastructure have not yet propagated completely to all servers.

This is also the cause for those hidden notifications for Avatar Awards (see above). Please wait 1-2 days until the Xbox LIVE servers wake up and propagate all the changes and everything should be ok. Unfortunately, this is not something that we can speed up.

What are we doing about it?

The team started working on some fixes and we’ll get a small patch in as soon as possible. Since this is a small patch, without any new content, we expect it to go through certification a LOT quicker and be release in 1-2 weeks…. But you never know what delays may appear.

Week of the Corn

This week, the Challenge of the Week will be filled with INSANE amounts of corn, corn magnets and Indestructoids to help you get that pesky ‘Hungry, Hungry Chicken‘ Achievement. I hope this will ease some of the pain you get from the other issues.

I hope to have some good news soon, and meanwhile, I hope you enjoy Chickens Can’t Fly and have a good time with it!