Chickens Can't Fly

Chickens are approaching!

13 February 2012 AmusedSloth

6 wallpapers

are contained in the Chickens Can’t Fly Theme! Last Friday the official “Chickens Can’t Fly Windows 7 Theme” was made available for everyone to download and try here.



Let our courageous and fearless Chicken adorn your desktop, and listen to its suave clucking when you get an email, a system notification, an error, or when you shut down your PC to finally go and sleep.

5 people compose the core team

that designed and made Chickens Can’t Fly. They are 3 super-skilled developers, 1 uber-fantastic artist and 1 modestly-handsome-and-smart-and-shy game designer :P We were backed up and helped by countless other people that were really talented (special thanks to our music composer), supportive and excited about the game. We couldn’t have brought the game to it’s current state without the help of everyone around. And lots of thanks go to the amazing people at Microsoft Studios that worked with us!

4 full sized laboratories

are unlocked after completing the tutorial. You probably know their names by now, but I’ll repeat them nonetheless:

  • Butchery: avoid cleavers and the butcher, eat sausages and live on the edge!
  • Cemetery: witches are chasing you, zombies await you and Hypno Chicken hypnotizes you!
  • Military: trenches are not place for a Chicken. So Chicken gets some nukes and levels everything around it!
  • Physics: all manner of deadly electrical machinery await Chicken and it’s clone. But Chicken has EMP!

See a sneak peek of all these laboratories below, in the gameplay preview trailer!

3 thousand items of feedback

were received from players of Chickens Can Dream, and we enjoyed reading them all.

We got some really helpful stuff, varying from people asking us to make the game easier, to suggesting new obstacles and power-ups, to simply praising us for the game and making us feel happy on a rainy day!

We simplified the rocket launcher, we added nukes and zombies, made the chicken more dynamic, made the game an Xbox LIVE title, added music, overhauled the input, came up with short, focused levels, visual feedback for effects, and many many others. And comments like “i love u,chicken. Dream on” or “i think chickens especially boy ones should stop dreaming of naked girl chickens. I write this cause I am a girl” really made our hearts burst in rainbows of colors and ponies and unicorns.

There were also some ideas that no matter how hard we tried, our bosses didn’t let us put in the game :)

  • maybe you could have a knife that chops off the chicken’s head, so the chicken goes crazy for a certain time, and you have to get past the checkpoint before the time runs out or you’ll die!
  • there should be a naked pic of angelina jo lee if you beat the game
  • i would marry this game thats how much i love it. (sorry, the game is too young to get married right now…)
  • obstacle: angry poo throwing monkey
  • add marijuana, and the effect could be hallucinations

The feedback form is there in Chickens Can’t Fly too, and we’re really excited to hear more feedback.

2 days left

until the game comes out! That’s right, after almost 1 year of waiting, Chickens Can’t Fly will be available on February 15, 2012!

1 game we hope you’ll enjoy

We’ll be watching the internetz on Wednesday to see if you, the players, like the game!

Chickens Can't Fly