Asgard Run – Talk of the town

9 February 2016 Adrian Rusu

Asgard Run received some good press and we decided to share some of the things people noticed about the game. As we were designing the game we identified some elements that will make the game stand out and we’re glad they got noticed. You may find more info about the game so far here.

Gamezebo – “A combat-heavy endless runner that’s totally tubular.” –

Our revolving world was inspired by the stories in Norse Mythology. Asgard is linked to Midgard through the Bifrost (the rainbow bridge). Few know that there are, in fact, other bridges connecting the Norse realms, and we decided to develop the story and setting on one of them, the Ashen Bridge.

In our story The Ashen Bridge connects Asgard to the realm of death, Helheim. Helheim was sealed to prevent any of its inhabiting ghastly horrors from escaping. The Gatefall, the cataclysm that tore open those gates, is the reason for the assembly of the Asgard Watch to defend Asgard.

The rotating tube provides more options to dodge the enemies and encourages discovery. At the same time it adds a degree of difficulty caused by the curvature of the tube.

Touch Arcade – “Asgard Run has lots of different RPG elements woven into the mix.”

The story of the game revolves around different characters from Asgard Watch so all of them needed to feel different. We built up their personalities starting with their origin stories – The Asgard Run Chronicles. We provided them with unique dialogue matching their story and look and we also defined their weapons and fighting style. Thus we came up with the roguish aspect of Sven, the towering and intimidating look of Bjorn and the swift and accurate style of Freja. The weapons needed to provide progression for our players and each high tier weapon got a special power suited for the character.

WixTechs – “Gorgeous visuals, with vibrant colors and great animations.”

The art direction we chose focused on bringing to life likable characters, cartoonish and easily identifiable. The challenge was to create a dynamic environment while keeping in mind the limitations of mobile devices in working with 3D graphics.

The colours are strong and the elements by which characters stand out, such as armor and weapons, are clearly defined. The animations are in line with the fast pace of the game and provide the feeling of charging into an epic battle at the gates of Asgard.

DN Reviews – “[..]this mythology incorporated into a runner game is vastly unique and differentiates it from the average runner titles.”

In a genre that is pretty straightforward we chose to relate to a very popular set of lore and mythology, made famous also by the Avengers and Thor comics and films. Therefore another element became clear. Vikings charge into battle, they do not run away from danger, so our Heroes of Asgard will have to run towards the enemy and time their attacks carefully. Some enemies are destructible, others will become destructible as soon you unlock certain weapons, changing your play style and game approach (this ties in with the dash of RPG we sprinkled over our game).

Thank you for the kind words. We’re glad you liked our game and discovered the elements that we thought would make it different.