Asgard Run Chronicles – A Measure of Courage

28 January 2016 Adrian Rusu

Sven was always a tiny fellow. As a child he would always get into trouble because of his height. But where he lacked in stature he made up for in courage and stubbornness. No matter how heated things got, Sven never backed down from a fight, even if he mostly lost to the bigger kids.

Sven had a dream, one day to fight alongside the bravest and mightiest warriors of the land. His short and feeble appearance only made the others laugh at him and his ambitions. Headstrong as he was and with an iron will, he sought to prove himself, and show everyone that he could, make his dream come true. Once he was old enough, he decided to leave his village in search of a mentor to show him the way of the warrior and guide to the path of glory.


Sven traveled far and wide, and along his journey he found, not one, but several figures, who taught him what it meant to be a warrior. He realized that size isn’t always everything, and that being agile and clever can be as effective as brute force. He learned that a warm heart and a cool head can sometimes win an argument faster that a pair of raised fists.

Over time; little Sven became the warrior he always dreamed to be, and his name was soon known across the land. Tales of his lightning reflexes, sharp wits and kind heart had already reached his home village, and everyone was thrilled to find out Sven was on his way home, after so many years.

Sadly, upon his return, he saw his village burning from the hilltop. It was under attack by a band of Raiders, known for their savagery. Sven rushed down to the village and just as he passed the gates, he was greeted by the leader of the Raiders, awaiting his return. Sven challenged the Raider Chief to a duel but the raider deceived Sven, his henchmen attacked in a moment of respite.

 Sven Portrait

Sven was so agile that the trespassers fell to the ground one by one in a matter of moments, leaving only himself and the Raider standing. The duel that followed was fierce, the two opponents were a close match to each other. Sven realized that his speed and agility would not be enough to defeat the Raider, and in a moment of complete selflessness, he charged with all his strength and forced both the Raider Chief and himself inside a burning house. They kept on fighting like mad dogs. Sven’s courage never faltered as the house came down around them. He knew it was the only way to defeat the Raider Chief once and for all.

Sven’s sacrifice saved the village. Where that burning house used to be, now stands a giant statue of little Sven whose courage and determination knew no boundaries.

The Gods, moved by Sven’s heroism, sent a pair of Valkyries to carry him on their golden wings back to Asgard. There he was offered the great honor of becoming part of the eternal Asgard Watch, as a proud defender of the sky realms.


Join SVEN in his adventures in Asgard Run.

“A Measure of Courage” – Part I of The Asgard Run Chronicles