Gorescript – Shooter and something more

10 August 2017 Adrian Rusu

Gorescript is a classic FPS and some people, including us, would swear by that. However, within the game, the developer sneaked some game elements that might change a bit your perspective.

Some areas in Gorescript’s levels seem like a puzzle platformer. Besides moving and shooting you need to tune your reflexes to move around with precision.

Some of the platformer areas make use of the “Strafe run” mechanic and if you manage to master that several goodies in the form of weapons and power-ups await you at the end.

For the fans of roguelike elements we have the Permadeath mode. This is a high risk high gain game mode. Your score will increase and we have several achievements linked to this but at the same time, you need to be tough, pick yourself up and literally enjoy seeing the “You Died” screen followed by a new game start from the 1st level.

And finally you should be able to identify some survival horror elements in the Blackout mode. Your ammo is more precious since you’ll need it for lighting as well, making running for your life a very valid strategy, the darkened halls may get confusing and the special trigger events, unveiling monsters behind you come with an extra shot of adrenaline. Hint: Watch for the slight frame rate drops as projectiles are coming towards you :D.

So if you’re up for horrible and repeated deaths and you want to test your reflexes make sure you pop by our Steam page right here: