Crossroad Hero Open Beta Test is up and running

9 August 2016 Adrian Rusu


It’s time for an open beta test for our new voxel game Crossroad Hero! We are looking for players and developers who want to help us improve our game.
Crossroad Hero takes place in a voxel universe where solid objects don’t always collide.

We’ll use TestFlight, so all you need for the beta is your email. You can submit it in the form we have prepared for you!

When you submit your email, you will receive an email from TestFlight and you can get your code to redeem Crossroad Hero in the TestFlight app (You can download TestFlight from the App Store).



The pets are in danger!
Save your cute fuzzy and scaly friends from the busy crossroad!
Jump, double jump and dash to safety!
Pick up the coins on top of the running cars!
Unlock new heroes!
Don’t get flattened by traffic!


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