Next Chickens Can Dream Update

26 February 2011 AmusedSloth

Right after we submitted the first version of Chickens Can Dream to certification, we started working on the next update. Our main goals for this update were:

  • add a tutorial to make it easier for people to learn how to play
  • fix bugs – this include the two crashes reported by users
  • balance difficulty. We had the feeling the game was sometimes too hard, but we didn’t know how much until highscores started showing up. Seeing the progress made by top entries made us realize people are not really getting to see all the cool the obstacles and collectibles we prepared. So we changed the difficulty such that early checkpoints will now be easier, and you’ll get to progress faster and get more cool stuff. We hope this will allow you to spend more time in the game :)
  • add option to see either the global highscores, or find your position in the highscores table and see who’s around you, so you know the next score you need to beat.

All of this will be in the next update (V1.1), which we’re trying to get through certification next week.

As for future updates, we want to assure you that you didn’t download just a beta version of a game. You downloaded a game we truly love and want to support as best as we can. So we’ll be bringing bug fixes as they are done, and add facts regularly, in parallel with working on Chickens Can’t Fly.

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