First Chicken Update is Out, Second on the Way

7 March 2011 AmusedSloth

The first update to Chickens Can Dream was approved by Microsoft this Friday. We’ve fixed the most pressing bugs and added some new stuff:
  • You can now search for your name in the high scores screen.
  • The screen will not lock anymore during gameplay, even if you don’t tap it at all. Kudos if you can play without slowing down, but please don’t forget that the chicken will start flapping its wings if you touch the screen.
  • The chickens now have an easier time in the evil laboratories and should survive longer.
  • You can make the phone stop vibrating by unticking a checkbox in the options screen.
  • The Indestructoid collectible lasts longer giving you more time to breathe. There’s also a warning when it’s about to run out.
  • You don’t have to enter your name for every high score or every feedback, we’ll remember the last one you typed.
  • Finally, we’ve squashed some chicken-hating bugs and the game should crash a lot less now.

We’ve added a tutorial teaching you the basic chicken-techniques for avoiding all the rockets, the fire and the sharp edges that line the walls of O.U.T.P.U.T’s laboratories. You’ll be prompted to try it the first time you launch the game or you could start it from the help screen at any time.

Don’t forget to use the in-game feedback screen, or just email us. We obsessively read your input and use it to decide what to code up next. Our most pressing worries at the moment are implementing even more facts for you to test, fixing the last remaining bugs and more difficulty tweaking.

Raz, Chicken Developer, Flamethrower Enthusiast

Download for Windows Phone 7

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