Chicken goes indie

Chickens Can’t Fly goes indie on Windows Phone

23 October 2013 AmusedSloth

Chickens Can’t Fly was just re-released as an indie game on Windows Phone.

You may have noticed that Chickens Can’t Fly is no longer on the Windows Phone marketplace, after being an Xbox LIVE game for more than a year. This is especially frustrating for people who downloaded it already, got some achievements, and then changed their phone recently, because they can no longer download the game and play it, or get the rest of the Achievements.

The Story


Let’s see how that happened. When we launched as a ‘Must Have Game’ back in February 2012 on Windows Phone, we were already hard at work to add some new features that were just being added to the Xbox LIVE platform for Windows Phone games, such as Avatar Awards, Asynchronous Multiplayer and In-App Purchases. At that moment, IAP was not natively supported by the Windows Phone platform, so we used a framework developed by Microsoft specifically for Xbox LIVE games, and paying for these was done with Microsoft Points, a virtual currency used in the Xbox ecosystem.

bagMeanwhile, Xbox LIVE decided to drop the concept of mspoints and convert everything to real money. This went into effect gradually in different parts of the world, but finally when it was completed, the surprise came: in a number of Windows Phone titles that have used mspoints for In-App Purchases, this system stopped working. So when you would try to purchase anything, you’d be greeted by a ‘Transaction failed’ message. These games were pulled from the marketplace soon after, and the games are no longer downloadable.

The Sadness

Sad Chicken

Normally, this could easily be fixed with an update that removed the IAPs, or converts the game to use the native IAP support which is available since Windows Phone 8. But in this case, the option to do the update was out of our hands, since we are not the direct publisher, Microsoft Studios is. And for the limited number of games that were affected, the official decision was to no longer support them, but allow the developers to re-release the games as we see fit.

The timing of this was not ideal since we just launched the game on iOS and Android, and now Windows Phone (which was our first platform) was the only major mobile platform that did NOT have Chickens Can’t Fly.

The Good News

So finally the good news of the story!

Chickens Can’t Fly is now available again as an indie game on Windows Phone, with the following changes:

Chicken Approves
  • All skins are now available to everyone to use: Diver, Knight, Vampire, Alien and Ninja
  • Dojo will now unlock as soon as you finish Aquarium, without the need to buy it
  • The game now runs at 60Hz on most devices
  • Sadly, we had to remove Xbox LIVE Achievements and Leaderboards, but they’re still available locally, to unlock them and challenge yourself
  • The game remains at the low price of $0.99


So go ahead and download the game on your platform of choice!

Download for Windows Phone 8
Download for iOS
Download for Android on Google Play Store

14 Responses to “Chickens Can’t Fly goes indie on Windows Phone”

  1. Devashish P.

    Hey it was the first app that I bought on my WP. Do I have to buy it again :/

    • AmusedSloth

      Unfortunately yes :(
      But you can request a refund for the old version by contacting MS support. I know other people did, and the got refunded.

  2. Guilherme S. Manso

    Hi. I love this game and I will buy this again, but is not available here in the Brazilian Windows Phone Store.

    Can you please publish this game in here? You can use a PEGI or ESRB certificate to do that. I know the process and I can help.

    • AmusedSloth

      Hi Guilherme. We talked by email, but I just wanted to post the answer here as well, in case others are looking for it: Yes, we’ll release it in Brazil in a few days, hopefully before the end of next week. Thanks again for all your help!

  3. Tyler

    Microsoft is honestly really awful when it comes to supporting gaming on Windows Phone. (They’re awful at other things as well, but I won’t get into that here).

    Anyways, I’m on Android now and I’ll pick up the game again, I enjoyed it on my WP7. You have any new games in the pipeline?

    • AmusedSloth

      Yes, we do have new games in the pipeline, coming to all platforms. We’ll talk about them soon.

  4. adonay

    Its really disapointing how microsoft treat its own platform and all of you the indie developers
    i purchase this as my first Windows Phone game on my lumia 900 last year

    its nice to ser that you continue working and relasing again on wp i already purchased again on my lumia 720 and my wife iphone

    keep it up with the awsome work

    • AmusedSloth

      Thank you! I hope you both enjoy the game and have a great time with it :)

  5. Scott

    Fuck microsoft! I now have 19 unobtainable achievements for this game, I only played it for like 15 minutes, reset my phone, then 5 days later i could no longer re download it. Its time to buy an android phone and a ps4 in next gen, due to screwing developers and customers over.

  6. chaos at dawn

    Is there any chance of adding xbox live support back in the future and do you guys plan on releasing any of these games for windows 8?

    • Catalin ZZ

      Nope, as far as we’ve been told, we won’t be able to add Xbox LIVE support back. MS won’t let us :(

      We do plan on releasing our future games on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, when it makes sense.

  7. MuhsSalah

    Fast forward today, and Windows has now universal apps, so are u planning to make this game a universal one ?
    Also, I have an opinion. I have devices running the three platforms, a Lumia 920, an iPod touch and a galaxy note 10.1. I would certainly love to see ur games on all of my devices, but seeing the number of downloads on the google play store and number of reviews on the App store, ur game is not a striking success there. Unlike on WP, where u r very popular and thanks to devoting and active WP community like WPcentral and WMPU that gave u enough exposure, ur game became one of the must have games on WP. I didn’t see the community of the other platforms give u that (or any) exposure. Given all that, don’t u think u should focus solely on Windows platforms? U are alot more known and popular on windows phone (and probably alot more successful than on other platforms). Also, the community of WP would certainly push u more. WP may not have the biggest number of user base, but being among the biggest fishes in a lake is definitely better than being a very small fish in a sea. Anyway, this is just an opinion and as u can see from the devices I own, I am not harmed either way.

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